Collaborative Governance Case Database


Open Webinar about Scaling Up Collaborative Governance Research

Across the world, collaborative governance researchers are experimenting with new scaled-up techniques to collect more cases, conduct cross-country comparisons, and map collaborations. What are today’s big questions in collaborative governance research? Why do we need to scale up to answer these questions? And what is lost in adopting these new methods?

These and other questions were addressed during a webinar hosted by the collaborative governance case database on June 8, 2021. The event was moderated by Dr. Christopher Ansell (University of California-Berkeley) and included panelists: Dr. Tina Nabatchi (Syracuse University; The Atlas of Collaboration Project), Dr. Scott Douglas (Utrecht University; Collaborative Governance Database), and Dr. Peter Triantafillou (Roskilde University; The Tropico Project).

For more information, please see the flyer